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FollowMe Embedded for HP - v5.0.1.38 (Type 1 Models)

Please read the pre-requisites carefully to ensure your model meets the criteria before installing this FollowMe Embedded for HP software version.

This software application requires that the following pre-requisites are met before installing:
  1. The model being installed on is a Hewlett Packard (HP) type 1 model (please check compatibility list)
  2. The printer or MFP firmware is newer than January 2011

New Features

  • None

Improvements and Fixes (from v5.0.1.37)

  • USB disconnect and reconnect events changed to handle unknown USB states
  • Audits for incoming faxes were not correct, and now changed to type 'fax print' (10 rather than 11)
  • Audits could possibly have been sent in plain text due to an encryption logic issue when no encryption key was returned from a server
  • IP address fail over optimization corrected for failed connection attempts

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