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FollowMe Embedded for Lexmark - v1.3.2.31

Please read the pre-requisites carefully to ensure your model meets the criteria before installing this FollowMe Embedded for Lexmark software version.


This software application requires that the following pre-requisites are met before installing:

  • The model being installed on is a Lexmark Embedded Software Framework (eSF) model (please check compatibility list)

New Features

  • None

Improvements and Fixes (from v1.3.1.1)

  • SV-188 - Improved auditing so that print job username is transmitted in instances where a direct print job not originating from the FollowMe Q-Server does not contain an audit tracking record (required v6.1.1.x or v6.2.x)
  • EM-899 - Resolved an issue with offline authentication when the network cable is detached which could cause subsequent authentication attempts to fail even when coming back into an online state
  • EM-908 - Improved detection of server communication failure (e.g. network cable is disconnected) to reduce lap periods waiting for server responses

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