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Supported Sharp models (December 2011)

The FollowMe Embedded for Sharp client is designed to work with Sharp OSA capable multi-function printers (MFPs), the following models are those which are supported at the date of publication:

Model B&W / Color
MX-1800N Color
MX-2300N Color
MX-2310U Color
MX-2600N Color
MX-2610N Color
MX-2700N Color
MX-M283N B&W
AR-311N B&W
DX-C311 Color
MX-C311 Color
MX-3110N Color
AR-M351N B&W
AR-M351U (AR-NC8 option) B&W
AR-M355N B&W
AR-M355N (AR-P21 option) B&W
MX-M350N B&W
DX-C310 Color
MX-3100N Color
MX-3500N Color
MX-3501N Color
MX-M363N B&W
MX-3610N Color
MX-B400P B&W
MX-B401 B&W
DX-C400 Color
DX-C401 Color
MX-C401 Color
MX-C402SC Color
MX-C400P Color
MX-4100N Color
MX-4101N Color
AR-M451N B&W
AR-M451U (AR-NC8 option) B&W
AR-M455N B&W
AR-M455U (AR-P21 option) B&W
MX-M450N B&W
MX-M453N B&W
MX-4500N Color
MX-4501N Color
MX-M503N B&W
MX-5001N Color
AR-M550N B&W
AR-M550U (AR-P19 option) B&W
MX-M550N B&W
MX-5500N Color
AR-M620N B&W
AR-M620U (AR-P19 option) B&W
MX-M620N B&W
MX-M623N B&W
MX-6200N Color
MX-6201N Color
AR-M700N B&W
AR-M700U (AR-P19 option) B&W
MX-M700N B&W
MX-7000N Color
MX-7001N Color
MX-M753N B&W
MX-M850 B&W
MX-M950 B&W
MX-M1100 B&W

NOTE: Due to the frequency of models being released by vendors, it is possible that the supported model list is out of date - soon after publication. We continue to update supported model information, as soon as we are informed by vendors. In the event that a model is not listed (which should be) then please contact your FollowMe provider, or if you have a direct relationship with Ringdale, please contact your account manager or technical liaison, who will be happy to help.

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Type: Information
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