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Supported Lexmark models (December 2011)


IMPORTANT: This article has been replaced by the Supported Lexmark models which can be accessed by clicking on on the link below:

The FollowMe Embedded for Lexmark client is designed to work with Lexmark eSF enabled printers and multi-function printers (MFPs), the following models are those which are supported at the date of publication:

Model B&W / Color Printer / MFP / Digital Sender Front Panel Type
X644e B&W MFP 640x480
X646e B&W MFP 640x480
X646dte B&W MFP 640x480
X85xe B&W MFP 640x480
X642e (requires 256MB) B&W MFP 320x240
T64x+4600 B&W Printer 640x480
X646ef B&W MFP 640x480
X772e B&W MFP 640x480
X782e B&W MFP 640x480
X940e B&W MFP 640x480
X945e B&W MFP 640x480
X651de B&W MFP 800x480
X652de B&W MFP 800x480
X654de B&W MFP 800x480
X656de B&W MFP 800x480
X658de B&W MFP 800x480
X738de B&W MFP 800x480
X736de B&W MFP 800x480
X736dte B&W MFP 800x480
X734de B&W MFP 800x480
X738dte B&W MFP 800x480
X466dwe B&W MFP 800x480
X466dte B&W MFP 800x480
X466de B&W MFP 800x480
X464de B&W MFP 800x480
X463de B&W MFP 800x480
T654 B&W Printer 4-Line APA
X860de B&W MFP 800x480
X862de B&W MFP 800x480
X862dte B&W MFP 800x480
X864de B&W MFP 800x480
X864dhe B&W MFP 800x480
W850n B&W Printer 4-Line APA
W850dn B&W Printer 4-Line APA
T656 B&W Printer 800x480
X792de B&W MFP 800x480
X792dte B&W MFP 800x480
C792e Color Printer 480x272
C792de Color Printer 480x272
C792dte Color Printer 480x272
C792dhe Color Printer 480x272
X925de B&W MFP 800x480
C925de Color Printer 480x272
X950de Color MFP 800x480
X952de Color MFP 800x480
X952dte Color MFP 800x480
X954de Color MFP 800x480
X954dhe Color MFP 800x480
C950de Color Printer 480x272
X548dte Color MFP 800x480
6500e Color MFP 800x480

NOTE: Due to the frequency of models being released by vendors, it is possible that the supported model list is out of date - soon after publication. We continue to update supported model information, as soon as we are informed by vendors. In the event that a model is not listed (which should be) then please contact your FollowMe provider, or if you have a direct relationship with Ringdale, please contact your account manager or technical liaison, who will be happy to help.

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