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FollowMe Q-Server - v5.3.0.0 (without packaged database)

Highlights of this Release include:

  • Environmental Impact Report - An integrated report providing a breakdown of your organisations environmental impact as well as the savings generated
  • Summaries - Web administration tool provides summary breakdowns for main sections for easier navigation and information of processing events
  • Reporting - Statistical breakdowns can now be included as a reporting criteria, including additional filter, column selection and ordering options are available. Per user reports can now be scheduled to automatically send users their usage reports as required
  • Accounting Engine - A number of improvements in color detection for PCL, PostScript and other printer languages
  • Business Intelligence Engine - A number of additions of events and actions have been included to improve business processes
  • Web Administration Tools - Included ability to install a HTTPS certificate for securing access to the interfaces, as well as a streamlined installation process with a single installation screen to perform all required actions
  • Administrative Actions Auditing - Tracking of delete events for administrative users in web administration (e.g. when deleting a user or printer this is logged)
  • Peered Servers - An overhauled communication interface allowing for reduced peering communications in large distributed environments
  • Embedded Support - Support for additional output device vendors (Lexmark, Toshiba, Xerox)
  • Automated Embedded Loader - An improved automated embedded loader has been incorporated for even simpler embedded code deployment and upgrades in enterprise environments

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