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Benefits of Printer Port Pooling

When using standard print practices, the print process operates in the following way:

In the above, a user sends a print job to a single print queue which spools the print job to the required printer.

When FollowMe software is introduced, the intelligent FollowMe Q-Server sits between the print device and the print queue:

Of course, in a real world scenario it is likely that there are multiple users printing to multiple devices. With other software this can cause bottle necks, where user B is waiting for user A's outstanding print jobs to complete before User B’s jobs become available to print, as indicated in red below:

This is solved in FollowMe by utilising printer/port pooling. On the FollowMe Q-Server, multiple ports are setup for a single printer, to allow print jobs to be handled simultaneously. This can be shown as follows:

By taking this unique approach we can eliminate the traditional bottlenecks that exist in other print management software, and ensure that user print jobs are dealt with in the most efficient way. It is even possible to have multiple print queues using print pooling as shown here:

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