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Language LCID used in User Imports

When importing users one can specify the user language, to do so the correct language code needs to be defined in the imports designated language field.

The supported languages and their corresponding ID's are listed below:

Language ID Language
1025 Arabic (Saudi Arabia)
4 Chinese (Simplified)
31748 Chinese (Traditional)
1050 Croatian (Croatia)
1029 Czech (Czech Republic)
1030 Danish (Denmark)
1043 Dutch (Netherlands)
2057 English (United Kingdom)
1033 English (United States)
1036 French (France)
1031 German (Germany)
1037 Hebrew (Israel)
1038 Hungarian (Hungary)
1040 Italian (Italy)
1041 Japanese (Japan)
1042 Korean (Korea)
1044 Norwegian, Bokmål (Norway)
1045 Polish (Poland)
2070 Portuguese (Portugal)
1049 Russian (Russia)
1060 Slovenian (Slovenia)
1034 Spanish (Spain)
1053 Swedish (Sweden)
1054 Thai (Thailand)

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