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FollowMe Q-Server - v6.0.0.1 (SQL 2008 Express Edition packaged database)

The FollowMe Q-Server release is for the FollowMe Q-Server Version 6 product, this release contains a number of feature enhancements as well as security improvements.

Highlights of this Release include:

  • Mobile Printing - Whether working at home, in the office or on the road, there is always a need to print documents. In addition, the dependency on mobile devices to support productivity has resulted in a growing requirement to print from mobile devices.
  • Delegated Printing - It can be time consuming and often frustrating for assistants when they are unable to operate fully on their managers behalf. The same can be said for printing, managers need the functionality to delegate their printing securely to assistants.
  • Inbound RAW 9100 Printing - Support for sending print jobs to the FollowMe Q-Server over port 9100 in RAW format (requires username to exist in @PJL USERNAME attribute)
  • Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) - The addition of IPP can simplify printer management and enables SSL to be used for encryption for client workstations to the Q-Server for inbound printing
  • New Home Page Dashboard - Featuring a customisable server performance and resources monitor, as well as a live print activity monitor
  • Automated Printer Creation - Printer profiles can dynamically be created without the need to configure individually, simplifying installations and provisioning of new devices
  • Improved Troubleshooting - End clients can identify issues earlier through a new logging structure, making it easier to find a resolution
  • Improved Reporting - Reports can be scheduled to save to a specified directory, as well as export to PDF or XML
  • Wizard Driven User Imports - Simplified configuration of user import tasks through improvements in the following areas:
    - Import ordering (defining the execution order)
    - Automatic checking of LDAP or CSV schema
    - Logical conditional statements for applying static settings dynamically
    - Import status during import as well as an import report provided at the end
    - Processing offloaded to server rather than on the client
  • Secure PIN Numbers - Users PIN numbers can be securely stored, ensuring administrators cannot view them in plain text
  • Integrated Authentication Support in Web Administration Tool- Active directory security groups can be used to control access to the web administration tool, removing the need for local user accounts in the web administration tool
  • Improved Web Application Setup Wizard- The web application setup wizard has been improved for Windows 2008 and Windows 2008 R2 servers where required roles can automatically be enabled when not previously installed
  • Source IP (Peered Servers or Windows Clustering) - The source IP address can be specified for peered servers or Windows clustering which ensures FollowMe only sends from a specified IP address on multiple IP address homed servers
  • Database Connection Pooling - Configurable connection pool size for database connections to reduce lag time from building connections to the SQL server
  • Database Caching Engine - The database caching engine provides a local database cache for cost models, policies and printers allowing FollowMe to not need to query the database constantly for common lookup tasks

IMPORTANT: Existing customers should only download and install the FollowMe Q-Server Version 6 if they are already running Version 6, for customers running Version 5 please ensure you have already purchased an upgrade as Version 6 licenses are different to Version 5 and installing a Version 6 over a Version 5 installation using Version 5 license keys will cause FollowMe to stop running until it is re-licensed.


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