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FollowMe Q-Server - v6.2.0 (without packaged database)

The FollowMe Q-Server release is for the FollowMe Q-Server Version 6.2 product, this release contains a number of feature enhancements as well as security improvements.

Highlights and Changes included in this Release include:

  • Workstation Client - Extensive support for remote distributed branch office environments where bandwidth is a factor, local It resources are limited and enterprise wide printing controls are a requirement
    - Featuring fully integrated central print queue management for local USB, direct network and FollowMe Printing based queues, transparent offline mode ensures always on functionality even in compromised environments where network connections are slow or not reliable
    - Seamless domain authentication and local accounting of all printing removing the need for data to travel to a central server facilitating in the reduction of conventional remote print servers in the branch office sites
  • Print Data Loss Prevention (DLP) – Integrated features to enable greater alignment to organization wide Print DLP strategies to ensure data is protected both in motion and at rest for both desktop, host as well as mobile printing platforms
    - Discover - Analyze meta data of documents and print jobs to discover sensitive information, using dictionary and pattern matching content analysis
    - Monitor - Transparent monitoring avoids user interaction, enforcing compliance and enabling auditing and reporting
    - Prevent - Stop printing of restricted documents to stop breaches before they happen, with the ability to notify or archive content where required
  • Windows Print Queue Document Name and Username Masking – Confidential information displayed in the Windows Shared Print queue such as Document Name or Username can be masked selectively to protect the information and the associated user information from prying eyes
  • New Embedded Vendor Support - Support for the following printer vendors has been included in this latest release:
    - Brother
  • Windows 10 - Improved support for the Windows 10  operating system when using the web administrative tools
  • Mobile Printing - Improvements in the document rendering technologies used for the FollowMe Mobile Printing functionality:
    Improved paper size reformatting for PDF documents included to reflect the existing reformatting of XPS documents
    - Improved rendering of XPS documents when converting from other document source formats
    - Improved font and graphic rendering of specific PowerPoint based files which were rich in graphic content
    - Updated Google Cloud Print service to handle Google’s updated security requirements related to TLS certificates
  • Embedded - Supports vendors newer device models (including updated screen sizes where applicable):
    - Improved embedded device support for various vendors, this includes Canon, HP, Kyocera, Konica Minolta, Lexmark, OKI, Ricoh, Toshiba and Xerox
    - Integrated support for Brother Solution Interface (BSI) devices as part of the FollowMe Embedded architecture
    - Various updates to the embedded deployment tools to improve the automated installation and configuration processes of embedded capable devices directly from the FollowMe Q-Server
    - The auto create printers feature now includes OKI as an embedded device type which was previously not included
  • Import Tools - New feature and tools enable functionality improvements in the following areas:
    - Improved support for ISO 3166 language codes enabling greater flexibility allowing not only numeric although also alphanumeric values be present in the import source data

    - Updates to user import tools to include additional fields such as web client  permissions and additional user languages
    - Numerous improvements to import source data validation in the areas of user aliases, assistant / manager associations, shared user associations and LDAP distinguished name
  • Business Intelligence Engine - Updated policy driven conditions provide additional benefits in the following areas:
    - Job types provide extended functionality allow specify print job sources (e.g. ) when applying conditions to trigger policy execution

    - Forensic dictionary or pattern based matching enhancements enable searching for information within the PJL header attributes as well as within the document or print job itself supporting searching within PCL5, PDF and XPS formats
    - Updates to outbound e-mail for username / password authentication (vs. relay only), Secure Password Authentication (SPA), Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) support
  • Reporting - Updates in reporting functions enable the following functionality:
    - Standard reports include more than 3,000 filter driven combinations which can be configured to ensure reports fit any business requirement, including custom report formatting through field choosers and column ordering
    - Improved export functionality to ensure report output to screen for HTML or PDF and exporting to CSV or XML remains consistent regardless of the format
  • Accounting - Continual investment in accounting updates deliver the following benefits:
    - Improved accounting implementation (image processing and color detection within images) for PCL 6 and PostScript based print job languages

    - Various improvements to the handling of print jobs with multiple @PJL SET USERID attributes (or similar) when multiple jobs are part of the same data stream
    - Included accounting support for the Brother XL2HB based print job language
  • Administration - Various updates in the administration interfaces, including the following:
    - Change password and PIN feature included as part of the web client is now available in all software editions
    - Updates to methods in 3rd party API to support areas such as cost codes, pending print job lists and ability to execute print all functionality programmatically
    - Native support for encrypted database connections when communicating with Microsoft SQL Server based databases
    - Localization enhancements of the FollowMe Embedded, Web Client and Web Administration tools for various languages

Important notes for this Release:

  • Microsoft .NET Framework - This release requires the Microsoft .NET v3.5 and v4.0 Frameworks to be installed before the installer will complete.
    - While the installer will prompt to install the version automatically, if no internet access is available, then the installer will not be able to continue until these pre-requisites have been installed offline
  • Windows 2003 and 2003 R2 Server - The support for the Windows 2003 and Windows 2003 R2 Server has been discontinued in this release (in line with Microsoft general support ending), while the installer and software may operate under Windows 2003 and Windows 2003 R2 Server, support for this operating system going forward will be limited.
  • Legacy FollowMe Client - The legacy FollowMe Client software is now End of Life (EOL) with this minor version release, customers that are running the legacy FollowMe Client software on workstations will be required plan to upgrade to the FollowMe Workstation Client software to retain any previously used local functionality at a workstation.

IMPORTANT: Existing customers should only download and install the FollowMe Q-Server Version 6.2.x if they are already running Version 6.1.x, for customers running Version 5 please ensure you have already purchased an upgrade as Version 6 licenses are different to Version 5 and installing a Version 6 over a Version 5 installation using Version 5 license keys will cause FollowMe to stop running until it is re-licensed.

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